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  • Our unique Beverley Brown Brew, you're going to want to try every single one!!
  • 16oz bag- a couple of the bags look larger but all hold the same amount!

Caramel: Caramel is a timeless treat that goes well with everything — popcorn, chocolate, and especially our coffee. These beans are freshly roasted and flavored with caramel flavoring oils to bring this  classic flavor straight to your coffee cup.

Vanilla Cream: Who says you can’t have your dessert first? Our creamy vanilla flavored coffee is made by custom roasting coffee beans and flavoring them with vanilla flavoring oils to make your morning just a little sweeter.

Signature Blend: This blend is classic and sophisticated, just like you. The signature blend joins our finest gourmet coffees from South America to create a rich, full-flavored coffee that can warm your soul on the coldest of days (plus, it tastes great).

Kahlua + Cream: The perfect twist on coffee and Kahlua! Start your morning with your favorite beverage. 

White Chocolate Mint: Chocolate for breakfast isn’t only for your kid’s cereal. Our white chocolate mint flavored coffee beans are custom roasted and flavored with white chocolate and mint flavoring oils to make sure mom’s morning is just as indulgent as she deserves.

Southern Pecan Pie: Our Southern Pecan flavored coffee highlights the buttery, creamy taste of pecans and the mild, nutty flavor of this coffee to offer some Southern comfort to your mornings. This is the perfect flavored coffee to pair with muffins, pancakes, or any other sweet breakfast treat. It’s also a perfect breakfast treat alone on hectic days when breakfast is wishful thinking.

Espresso: Our exquisite after-meal espresso makes every moment warmer, whether a morning at home or a meal with family. By custom blending our specialty coffees from Africa and Latin America, we’ve created the perfect pick-me-up. For the best espresso-experience, we recommend an extraction time between 20 and 25 seconds based on a long shot of 1.5 ounces.

Pumpkin Spice: Pumpkin Spice might be the classic “love or hate” flavor, but our perfectly blended pumpkin spice flavor paired with our custom roasted coffee beans can change the mind of even The Grinch. 

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The best little boutique in NE Kansas! Super cute tops and love the jeans!


Hands down the BEST boutique!! They have super cute clothes at affordable prices. You can't beat shopping at Beverley Brown Boutique. It is a one of a kind experience.



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