Ten Ways: Everyday Tee Edition

For the blog this week, we are going to show you how to style one top ten different ways. It is so easy to want to get a new outfit for every occasion, but most of the time we don’t actually need to go spend more money on another outfit when we can actually make what we have in our closet work for all of the different occasions we have!

For this week’s Ten Ways blog we are going to be styling our best-selling everyday short sleeve tee!

Outfit One: We have paired our everyday short sleeve tee in ash grey with our Annabelle KanCan skinny jeans, and Ariat Ryder shoes. This look is so easy to throw on and run some errands in! There are an endless amount of ways to style this look. Throw a flannel on over top, throw a lightweight jacket or sweatshirt over, tie it up, tuck it in, the list goes on and on.

Outfit Two: For our second outfit we have paired our everyday tee with a pair of high rise KanCan shorts, and the same Ariat Ryder shoes we pictured in the first outfit! We opted for a more casual spin on this outfit by pairing it with the flannel tied around the waist and an Ariat ball cap. Another way to style this casual look would be to throw the flannel on and tie it up on the sides or leave it unbuttoned.

Outfit Three: The third outfit features a new item that we just launched on our Friday Facebook live event! We have styled our everyday tee with our new leggings for a comfortable yet put together look. We threw on a pair of our LAMO tie sneakers, but this outfit could be completed with any pair of tennis shoes or sneakers. We also paired this comfy look with one of our Swig water bottles for an easy way to stay hydrated while still looking stylish! 

Outfit Four: For the fourth outfit, we have shown how to style this everyday tee for the office. We paired the top with our best selling dress pants. (Seriously, these things feel just like you’re leggings!) These are the Fiona pant and feature a floral pattern. We added an optional layer, the Emmy cardigan. This cardigan is the same material as the everyday tee’s- we have had these in stock many times before and they are a big hit! If you are debating whether or not you need one, don’t think on it for too long or they will be sold out! The finishing touch on this office outfit is our brand new collection of ‘Roll-A-Sole’ shoes. These are the Crème De La Crème flats, and these are to die for! So comfy and stylish!

Outfit Five: We styled this outfit with a concert in mind. (Wishful thinking during this pandemic!) We have the same everyday tee styled with the Anabelle KanCan skinny jeans but we tied the shirt up for a little bit more of a “girlish” look and added a platform sandal for the finishing touch. These are our Fluffie platform sandals, they are brand new and so cute! For another addition to this outfit, you could add a leather jacket, and some fun accessories for a pop of color!

Outfit Six: Jean skirts are totally making a comeback, lucky for you we have the cutest and comfiest one! This one is by KanCan- and if you have ever owned a pair of their denim you know what all of the rave is about! This denim line is like butter, it fits in all the right places and allows for movement without stretching out and getting saggy. We just have our everyday tee tied in a front knot and styled with ~another~ brand new pair of shoes that just hit the website last week! These are the Fae wedge sandal and will easily pair with many different outfit combos!

Outfit Seven: This outfit gives me comfort vibes! I feel like this is an outfit that could take you from church to the grocery store and then straight to the couch for a nap! The dress is made out of the same material that our everyday tees are made of, and again it is a huge hit! 

Outfit Eight: This would be a perfect outfit for casual Friday at the office, or even a nicer event! We have styled a pair of our straight leg Ariat denim with our everyday tee and (you’ve seen it before!) the Emmy cardigan! We also have it paired with a pair of our Ariat brown cruisers- and these are a staple piece for everyone’s closet. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a deal you won’t want to miss out on with our Ariat cruisers!

Outfit Nine: This is another outfit that could be dressed up or down. A perfect way to style this one would be with a denim jacket, or throw on a pair of booties and you’re ready for a night out! We styled the everyday tee with our black KanCan denim, the Ava jeans, and added a little flair with the leopard print sandals, Dafne. Another way we added a little something extra to this outfit without adding another piece was by doing the infamous front tuck!

Outfit Ten: For our final outfit we have done a cute side tie on our everyday tee. These tops run long so it was easy to do a tie and still keep the midriff covered and not exposed! We styled it with a pair of Ariat denim shorts and our Tidewater Driftwood flip flops in black for a cute but casual look!

Hopefully these ten ways to style the everyday tee are helpful! I love to shop and buy new pieces, however sometimes I just need to work with what I have in my closet already! If you are in the shopping mood, I have dropped some names of the items that are styled in the photos in case you love how some of the outfits turned out! 

As always, if you need any help styling or shopping for any pieces, feel free to reach out to us through Facebook, Instagram, or the website and we would be happy to help you!

Be Kind, Be Happy, and Stay Healthy!

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