New year, time to set new goals!

Wow! It is already a new year which, obviously, means it's time to set new goals and set out a plan to crush them. (I say that lightly as it is already the beginning of February.. where is 2020 going?!) How are you setting goals and making plans to succeed this year? Goal planning is hard so make sure you set a couple hours to the side to sit down and draw out your plan.

We're coming off one of our biggest and busiest years in Beverley Brown history. Headed straight into year three more grateful than ever before and ready to make it another record year! One way we're setting goals for the year is by creating a vision board. I love vision boards because you plan out your goals, hang it on the office wall and you're going to be thinking about it every time you walk through the door. When you can see what you're after it makes you work harder!

A few things to do before drafting your 2020 goals:

  • Reflect back on what you've already accomplished, there is no sense in back-tracking, you want to move forward. Make your goals attainable but don't doubt yourself!
  • Think about what you want to change in the new year. Was there something that stressed you out or that you worried about all year long? Fixing the things you're unhappy with will be the key to determining where you're headed next.
  • Consider where you want to be at the end of 2020. Do you want to have something you don't have now? What is it and how are you going to get there?
  • Identify your priorities- is there something you can't live without? Or something you casually do now that needs to move higher on your list of things to-do?

Without giving you a full look, here is a sneak peek at my 2020 vision board: It includes things like drinking more water, reading more books, paying off student loans and of course a field full of more cattle- you can never have too many!


It's time to get to work! Write out your goals, visions, dreams and plans and start figuring out how you're going to not only set them but accomplish them too. This is where the vision board comes in. Grab some old magazines or search the internet for images of what your goals look like and create a collage that clearly shows what you're after. When you're finished, hang it up on the wall where you're going to catch a glimpse of it every day and get ready to have yourself the best year yet! Find what you're passionate about and run with it!



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